Thursday, December 27, 2012

The San Francisco FBI has had a change of leadership.....

Not for the better, I am afraid. With the replacement of acting agent in charge, the new acting agent in charge is just as satanic as most of the agents directly beneath him.

They think murder is aok.

And it is not.

They have already paid a South San Jose agent who is a friend to put something in my drink at upcoming parties.

I cannot and will not be able to avoid all these people at parties soon.

With the understanding that I am a victim of a hate crime, I am sure he would actively refuse less too. When the FBI gives an order, their agents are expected to follow them.

I have lost a lot of respect for some of the good kids less. They still treat me amazing and they are loving, sweet kids.

If I happen to turn into a good kid follower, it's because I am too sad about my life less. I like people who are good people with integrity. I like people who treat others well and with respect.

God Bless You.

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