Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One of my biggest obstacles is to get the FBI to stop remote viewing my future and paying off restaurants to shit in my food

Yes. I have eaten out very little in the past year. Maybe a total of 24 to 25 meals in a restaurant for the past year and a half and that mainly includes fast food. And yes, the FBI has remote viewed the exact time I will be there and then tipped off Gordon the billionaire to send in his goons to pay off the restaurants to absolutely ruin my food. So far, I've had shit, piss, valium, spit and visine dropped in food that I have ordered out in many restaurants. Usually, I won't eat and box it up as to not make the people I am with feel like anything is wrong. Gordon usually pays about $3,000 per server to do this dirty work and has paid up to $50,000 on certain special occasions.

The FBI is not held accountable for their remote viewing of my days and using coordinates to determine my exact time and place of eating. And they are not held accountable for being billionaire bitches. And they are all pathological liars when it comes to telling the truth about why I am suffering so much.

Over 25 restaurants have been paid off. Including fancy restaurants, Asian restaurants, Starbucks, good eating in Walnut Creek and many fast food places.

I am sick of being a victim of this behavior. I will never be able to date again as long as the FBI psychopath Schizophrenia project team is allowed to run codes and ruin my life.

I ask that they all suffer less and get more CHURCH time if they are not going to be arrested. Because the Lord in heaven is getting angry and will karmically see to it according to the bible that vengeance is his. I have done nothing to retaliate as I have zero power and no one believes me.

But my family suffers and can't understand why I can't eat out with them at the Chinese restaurant we go to every year in Pleasanton at Christmas time. And I want to be able to enjoy my family this year.

So I will blog every detail of what my entire family is going to be put through at our annual Chinese food night out. I cannot stop the restaurant from poisoning all of our food but my family doesn't believe that GORDON the billionaire exists, thanks to all the mimes and thought implants.

If you are reading my blog, CIA, do something about the criminals and ask that the victims, which will be me and my entire family, including children, get renewal and restoration in our annual dinner out.

Thank you.

God Bless You.

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