Sunday, December 2, 2012

The CIA was in and out of my house in five minutes flat tonight while we were eating dinner

I do not want to be killed or have anyone in my family harmed. But the locks on our doors are really easy to break into. Especially with CIA and FBI intelligence knowing exactly how to do it.

I am scared. I am praying with all of my heart. I did nothing to deserve this hate crime and I am a victim of a hate crime. There is no reason why they are doing this to me other than to pay me back karmically for something I did three centuries ago. And then the FBI let the billionaire GORDON in on it and he wants to kill me for shits and giggles to complete his bucket list before he dies.

I am sad. I am scared. And I want to be safe in my home with my family.

Please pray for our protection.

God Bless You.

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