Sunday, October 7, 2012

Death machines are sad for me always on my house time

The FBI is coding death pool for me again this week. They have a contract killer who hide out on my mom's side of the bed if to kill her before me and then make it look like I did it. And that contract killer is a skilled and highly trained technician who has murdered about seventeen people in his life time. The FBI uses him when things are getting out of control. And with eight hundred thousand dollars owed to the IRS by David E., he needs the money Gordon promised him for completing Gordon's bucket list of killing me.

To end that side note story as David E puts it, he will need the Hells Angels to break into my home as well. Just like Frank Lemore taught them how to break into my home. And with no proof of who did it, the FBI can sweep this under the rug.

The story of mine seems outlandish. But the billionaire and the FBI leaders like this situation to be EPIC. They want to move on from the FBI and be filthy rich with crazy and wild stories to reveal to each other over and over again.

This group of elite criminals won a major battle with the Washington DC FBI. David E came up with the ultimate fabricated story to tell the DC agents and how he saved the FBI a lifetime of healing me by backing up his corrupt story.

Sickening to decent people.

May he be placed on house arrest never.

God Bless You.

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