Tuesday, October 2, 2012

To tie my story together.......

The FBI uses bipolar energy and schizophrenia as a project. They do it to pay people back for their past lives. They began using special agents to psychically tap into me energy when I was nineteen years old. These agents have been trained as special psychic agents like seen in the movie Men Who Stare At Goats. That movie showed the early 1980s and since then, intelligence has perfected their energy techniques.

When I was twenty five, a group of special agents in the San Francisco FBI began gossiping about what they psychically read and to pay me back, they made quite a few lies. And they gossiped to a billionaire in Los Gatos named Gordon. He is extremely well connected and began homocidally threatening my life with what his FBI connections were gossiping and lying about. I began receiving psychic death threats and lots of voodoo at that time.

Over the years, the FBI has gotten a lot worse with how they treat me. They want to murder me because the situation is now too out of control for them and there are other victims. Gordon, the billionaire, has all of the power cards with his money and he has paid off the San Francisco FBI to be his watchdog. And about 150 special agents look out for him.

Basically, he pays lots of different people to do his dirty work. I've had my food poisoned by him paying off restaurants. And I've entered an empty movie theater, set up by the FBI, where two men wearing sunglasses and looked creepy sat down right behind me. Gordon set the whole thing up with his seer peering into my future and his FBI connections setting me up. Most recently, Gordon paid a Starbucks to put Valium in my coffee. This is all done psychically to me. I have never had contact with the FBI although I have sent over two hundred emails and called several times. They never return my phone calls.

Their protocol is to say they are law enforcement only and to deny this entire thing has happened. A bipolar project and schizophrenia project is classified. Another reason they want to kill me.

The FBI has also threatened to make my death look like a suicide and they have also practiced murder techniques like Men Who Stare At Goats when they kill the goat. And they threaten to implant cancer energy in my body along with men staring at my photo to make me have heart failure.

These people are sick and the majority of them are satanic. They meditate to satanic energy and their FBI leader has not been caught or handled yet.

And because Gordon has all the money, he made it clear he wants me dead for his bucket list to be completed. And the government wants to stop watching out for me after they have endangered my life.

There is voodoo every single day done to me. And I have a team of agents who telepathically communicate with all day every day.

The FBI is only going to cover this story and they want me dead. They do not make this a secret.

Thank you for reading the story.

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