Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Too many people went balls out psycho over me

Los Gatos people only. They are all entranced in a money pit to be the coolest, most hip, creepiest people that want to run San Jose and Los Gatos and slowly but surely the East Bay and the Peninsula N the city. They assume being the richest and least moralistic is the sure fire way to get there. There are too many creeps for the FBI to keep track of. These people who are satanic culties with a psychic longing to own California have the FBI wrapped around their fingers. They assume paying the leaders was the right way to control the bay area. Mainly, there are sixty men in each area that possess the right look, talk and know how of how to be the most fun and downright immoral to get what they need in life. Money. Sex. Power.

If the every day person was lame as all shit to them, they figure out a way to put them to death. I happened to defend a girlfriend when one of them ruined her car in front of  C B Hannegan's and when psychically read out, these men in Los Gatos thought they would hire a hit on me.

I have suffered from numerous death threats and acts of voodoo for ten years because of this group of supposedly hip, owning the Bay Area group of men.

In the end, prison will look lovely for many.

God Bless You.

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