Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I love my spirit guides a lot

They love me a lot. But they lie sometimes a lot. And I believe their lies. They want me to question what I want in life. I am already a victim of a major hate crime. I want to be restored. I want to get married and have kids. I want a safe life. I want to eat in restaurants again with no threats to my food. I want to date again. I want to own a home in Pleasanton or Livermore. I want to finish my masters degree. I want to get a higher paying job. I want to be safe again. And God is a god of restoration and renewal. God wants to go something fresh and new in my life. I want to eat more fruits and vegetables in my home again. But today FBI got into my home again and chemically coded my blueberries. They are satanic and trying to destroy me. I don't know how to fight Satan. A cute guy at Peet's coffee gave me a list of churches to try to go to. I will start this weekend. I hope FBI does not follow me around to get into my car to chemically code it again. God Bless You!

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