Thursday, July 5, 2012

The FBI will code murder for me always

They pretty much guaranteed me a life of much more hell on earth. They have made it clear to me that they will severely manipulate my energy and try to kill me any way they can by slowly wearing my life out as they put it. They will continue to gas fume my car and they will continue to break into my home and they will make sure that I never work again.

My parents are not ok either according to them. They will lightly acidize all of our food and they will slowly kill all of us.

I guess President has no problem with them doing this.

Neither does the DEA.

Neither does Congress.

And neither does anyone in our federal government.

They made it clear that they will manipulate all of my friends energies and all of my families to make me isolated and alone.

They have seven thousand agents lined up to the dirty work of shitting all over me and they could care less about their karmic debt to me.

They expect me to commit suicide as soon as they can get me to and they expect me to die by eating acidized food at various places of their choosing.

These people are viscious, sick and evil. They have zero problems murdering me in any way they can.

I will be asking every church in the East Bay to pray for me and my family and I will be asking them to read my blog.

This is not ok.

This was not what God wanted for me.

God Bless You.

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