Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tonight I was victimized in a satanic way

Juna B has taken my pain to a whole new level.Military reads out my future and then let's Juna know how to destroy it. Online dating is how she is being paid to destroy my life. She will date anyone who contacts me and will conveniently never disappear from their lives if I happen to get in a relationship with them. Basically she has Barbie Doll looks and can get any man she wants. And she was paid five million dollars to be with any man that has contacted me. And with the FBI knowing exactly how to tap my email and other private stuff like my bedroom, she pretty much won a round a little too heavy for her own life. A high class prostitute is what she is. And that is according to all of the good kids in the FBI that know I suffer all day every day with Dan and San Jose FBI destroying my life. Good luck Bob.

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