Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The FBI totally manipulates my friends energies while they sleep

They practice their energy on most of my close friends. They make it awkward for all of us at most times. My friends think they are immune to most energy weapons but they are victims too. Basically, they implant thoughts into my closest friends to never believe my story and to always have private conversations about me behind my back. I know most of my friends love me but we can all hang out only occasionally. The FBI wants to isolate me even more. They think if my friends "dump" me that I will become suicidal. There are too many good people in my life for that to happen. I will deal with my close friends exactly the same. But if you ready blog, please be aware that they want to destroy me and make it seem like you are better off without me. I love you anyway. God Bless You!

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