Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gordon is no longer in charge of the San Francisco FBI .....just kidding

He is adamant to his superiors in prison that he will pay them. But people are getting done with his Hitler ways.

As for the FBI leaders, they are still trying to kill me. And they look sick, evil and disgusting to people who are sensitive to energy.

For the record, I have never committed any crimes besides driving under the influence a few years back. And I did not get a DUI. I believe in accountability though, which is why I am owning up.

People need to be held accountable. The FBI has absolutely ruined the past sixteen years of my life. But as soon as the death threats from Gordon and his FBI friends started, I have been pretty scared and very hurt by their actions.

I have to rely on GOD to get me through all the voodoo that Gordon pays voodoo artists to perform on me. And as for David E. and Bob M. surveillancing my every move using intelligence, I have to be diligent about staying safe.

And as for the military in Dublin, trying to energetically murder me with the know how more advanced than in the movie Men Who Stare at Goats, I have had to work extra hard to save my life.

I want them all to be held accountable.

I want them to own up to me that they have greatly harmed me and basically made my life a living hell.

And I want them to apologize.

I have already forgiven them lightly.

But they have caused me suffering beyond belief.

They just completely victimized me with no mercy for shots and giggles.

And even when I do cry , it is always a chance for them to code death pool even further. I have stayed strong less and more to protect my heart and my life.

But boy did they make me sad with all the pain they caused me .

I want them held accountable.

By the laws designed to protect our country. The laws that as law enforcement, they broke and caused many harm.

Thank you to the teams saving my life. So much love and gratitude to you.

God Bless You!

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