Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bob acting agent in charge blew my life away again lightly

He is being paid seventy five million dollars. It is in an offshore account. He will wine and dine at the city's finest restaurants with sexiest women. And I will spend my days trying to keep safe in my home. And if I dare leave my home, my car will be chemically coded again and I will get sick. Either that or I will end up in the emergency room like Bob and his cronies plan. And then when I'm sick, he will plot to kill me further.

And this is just shits and giggles fun to Gordon and Bob. They have knowledge beyond most to kill people. And of course, there is zero accountability.. And of course with her millions in an off shore account, they just want me dead.

I have written at least seven churches requesting prayers of protection around me. They will continue to make it look like I've died of natural causes.

News flash. I am healthy happy and believing in God more than ever to save my life from these homocidal people.

Please do not mess with my blog is being requested by my angels. Do not tamper with my side of the story. I have several dear friends following on facebook and quite a following by the public with over six thousand page views.

I want a safe and blessed life.

God Bless You.

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