Friday, September 7, 2012

Death pool is alive and well

FBI easily kills me off with universal coding. It is a manipulation of energy to kill someone. And they want me dead.

If I survive another six to eight months, it will be through prayer from churches. And even then, the FBI wants to win the death pool money set aside by Gordon. He is offering thirty five million dollars to whomever can code my death for his bucket list.

These people are already manipulating my friends and family to ignore me more. They do it through vibes like I am annoying or just a burden. And my friends just think this is their natural inclination.

So God has a new plan. May Gordon get the prayer he needs to live a fabulous life as always with his billions of dollars and may I fight again tomorrow to survive.

Yes. He is a psycho Hitler type of man with a lot of power. And I am just this victim that is forced to live with less. And to the Christians wanting his money, Jesus has a gift for you. It will be a sad life of repaying your sins and sustaining faith. Just like I have done.

And to my closest friends, I love you anyway. I know I may be too much for you with their energy manipulations but I adore you always.

God Bless You!

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