Saturday, June 16, 2012

There was no one in my home last night but the FEAR implanted by the FBI struck me hard

Knowing that I am bipolar, they decided to fear base me with a severe energy field, where I could not fall asleep last night and was terrified of something happening to my family.

And I woke up today feeling very off. It was from the FBI's use of a combat energy.

I immediately meditated to a love cd and now I am trying to eat a nutritious breakfast to regain and maintain my energy.

They definitely know how to strike a chord with me.

All it takes is threatening my family.

And today I have a party to go to where my friends all will be present and I will be not feeling like I belong.....thanks to their energy weapons.....

But if you think they got the best of me, you are wrong.

I will be wearing a pink dress to the party and ready to hang out today for anyone curious in the FBI.

Or it could be my red dress.......

Since you're so wanting to know......

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