Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The FBI has put something on my tissues to make me feel dizzy.......

I guess they will never give up. I am having a reaction to something at my desk. Not a horrible one but it is done so eventually I just get worse and worse with anxiety and paranoia. And they know that no one is that understanding less of my situation.

I guess the FBI is underestimating the power to the people. When people on Facebook read my blog, they never hit like. Because likely they do not like. But they do read my blog according to the traffic from my blog page.

Maybe the FBI thinks terrorizing me and victimizing me is their future and the way that they pay people back for bad past lives. But in reality, there are four other people in the Bay Area, who want karmic retribution against the FBI at this point in time.

And I am not one of them.

But the FBI is scared of how the FBI operates in regards to my Dad and my Mom being victims of the Hells Angels at some point.

If the FBI didn't tell people where we lived and how to break into our home, this would not have been a problem ever.

But they did.

And not only do the Hells Angels know where I live but so does the Satanic Cult in the East Bay.

I am not moving away anywhere.

So their answer is to start slowly chemically dissolving medications and other stuff into my parents food at home and hope that we all pass away eventually in the next two to six months.

You can see how sad this would make the American public.

My Dad is taking several medications and so is my mom.

The FBI has been through all of our cupboards and know we cannot protect our condiments in our home.

And my parents do not believe this happening to me.

So if anything happens to my perfectly healthy parents, who are not meant to die before they are 85 years old, please report this to any media in the Bay Area.

I'm sure eventually it'll get old having the same story told to people but my family is sacred to me.

And none of us want to be murdered by the FBI.

Thank you for reading my blog.


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