Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The San Francisco FBI took my car this morning while I was working

I have been working all day today at CCI in San Ramon. When I went to take my lunch break at Whole Foods, I noticed that my gas tank had been filled up slightly. Probably a couple of gallons had been put in my car. It was on empty this morning with absolutley zero gas. As I was getting ready to go back to the office after my lunch break, a girl who looked almost exactly like me walked out to her car. I think she was involved in driving my car this morning.

I do not know what the FBI did by the way but I imagine they are trying to frame me for something to make me look like a criminal.

They have access to my home, car and office through classified tools and continue to break into all three places.

Please know that I have reported this to the Danville Police Department.

And I have told my friends and family.

Thank you for reading.

God Bless You.


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