Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So here is the deal......

I have been bipolar, not by nature, but as part of the San Francisco FBI's project to make me pay back karmic debt from a past life.

As a teenager, I was profiled by the neighborhood FBI and put on a bipolar project list. At the age of 19, I had my first experience of being psychically tapped into by specially trained agents and it has been absolute hell ever since.

I will be telling stories daily of how they have plotted to harm and ruin my life.

I will be telling you the truth in all of my stories.

I will be saving my life in the process.

If you don't think I am bipolar enough, it's because I am a grounded individual with lots of love from my family and friends.

I also have a special connection to the other side. I am telepathic as a result of the BIPOLAR PROJECT by the San Francisco FBI.

I have to warn all of you that my life is in danger and has been for over ten years.

But thanks to the grace of GOD and my family and friends, I have been kept safe from being killed.

And not only that, but special souls from the other side help me all day and every day. Many of your grandparents and special families help me out in every hour in every day.

I will not know how to thank all of you in advance, but I don't discuss this aspect of my life and choose to keep it to minimum conversation.

I value my time with family and friends way too much to let the FBI damage my life any further.

And they know they want to kill me off as quickly as they can.

I will not let them.

I will start sharing stories starting from the age of 12 to the age of 35, my current age.
And I will be sharing them with um, let's say, not humor and some humor.

God Bless You All!!!

To my best friends and my dearest family, I love you!!!!

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  1. stephie, are you sure your not schizophrenic instead?