Thursday, June 14, 2012

I guess it will not be a quiet night of not blogging with satanic culties reading my energy

You may not believe any of my story but I am being tuned into by the satanic cult and it's scary. They are creepy as all get up. And the FBI decided to let their specially trained agents have a break from being around me. Now I will have my future read by creepy satanics who want to destroy.

Please know that this has been going on for over 16 years with the FBI trying daily to damage and harm my life. It is always not going to be this way but in the end, GOD will show them a thing or two about KARMA and it's going to be amazing when they come back to me and apologize for not believing that this is a karmic universe.

The FBI seems to think they can dish out what they do, cause me to suffer at great lengths daily and that they will walk away with blessing after blessing. That simply won't be the case always. And they keep it up as if they are doing me a favor.......they are not.

I ask that the good Christians reading my blog tonight say a prayer for me. I am being marked by a cult that the FBI has told them all about me and have gone as far as to show them my photos on FACEBOOK.

Which leads me to a another wrongdoing that FBI simply has no problem with, which is tapping my email at home and at work and tapping my phone. They have recorded conversations with family and friends and they have access to all of my text messages, emails, and even this blog.

Yet they keep on dishing it out.

So I will ask those of you reading to keep me in prayer for protection against the satanic cult that seems to think they can waltz right into my life just because that is the FBI's will and intent.

Thanks so much for reading this.

May peace be with you always.


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