Friday, June 15, 2012

The FBI is getting richer and richer with ten new agents now millionaires

Yes, ten new agents that work around me and claim to be my "protection" have all signed up for the millionaires club as double agents for the billionaire.

It's absolutely obscene to me that Washington DC FBI does absolutely nothing to stop them.

And the agents are so far gone with moral consciousness and meditating to satanic discs produced by the Satanic Leader in the FBI that they do not know right from wrong.

And they are rich beyond their dreams now.

And they will stop at nothing to make me suffer more.

So if they want to not go to prison, here will be the question?

The CIA is acting as if I did something really wrong and I never did.

I have NEVER hurt anyone in any fashion besides a few petty squabbles with family and rarely, like once every five years, a friend. I have never abused anyone or hurt anyone in a way that warranted me being profiled and now stalked by the San Francisco FBI.

They did this mainly because they have POWER. And they saw an opportunity to exploit the billionaire. And they did it knowing they would not be caught by anyone anytime soon. And they now worship SATAN which makes it even worse.

Many of the cute girls are big victims of this plot. They have taken the millions of dollars and are not spending them yet. But they plan on donating it to a CAUSE called AIDS in AFRICA.

Now, why they wouldn't turn the money in is beyond the rest of the working force in the FBI in the rest of the United States.

But they have chosen to go to prison at some point in time by keeping it.

And they should have reported to Robert S Mueller if anyone of the San Francisco Leaders were not taking accountability. And they did not.

So they will be in prison for at least ten to twenty years if not longer.

And everyone will agree becoming a millionaire overnight to be a double agent sounds like a very bad idea.

And the cuties I mentioned in the prior email also have millions of dollars.

And they too will go to prison for at least ten to twenty years.

And they will suffer only in a way that they cannot accomplish anything but sitting around wishing they had acted with integrity and abided by the laws set forth by our Congress and the Constitution of the United States.

So that is the update........

Thanks so much for reading.

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