Thursday, June 14, 2012

To quit smoking is fightingly divine

The FBI now claims that they got into my desk to ruin my gum to make me quit smoking. Ha!!!!

Sure that was the reason.......

So I will oblige the FBI and not smoke again until I have time to buy non-poisoned cigarettes.

The truth is.....all cigarettes are poison.

So I was going to make a point less today.

And more to the point, the billionaire in Los Gatos wants his name not known at this point in time.

And neither do any of the FBI agents that communicate with me daily.

Mainly the good FBI are the people who make my life work.

They stick up for the right thing always.

And they usually get to win occasionally.

The bad FBI usually win more often though.

I refer to them as GOOD and BAD FBI because they do not want me making it about SATAN VERSUS GOD.

And that is exactly what it is.

So the Good FBI is happily making their rounds at hospitals never and the Bad FBI is checking in to how they can break into the Kaiser Pharmacy so when I order my medication, they can get into it that way.

No, I may not be able to protect myself if that happens. But I will protect my family at all costs and I will protect myself at all costs.

I do appreciate the Good FBI and how hard they work every day. They should be blessed many times over but many of them feel bad for me. They know I am fighting Big Brother tooth and nail and may not win. Or I may. I believe in the bible verse that says "No weapon formed against me shall prosper." And I will continue to pray every single hour of every day to win an epic battle of GOOD versus EVIL.

I am obviously GOOD. EVIL is obviously mistaken that they have a place in the Bay Area that is not prison.

Many of the satanic culties as I will refer to them as, have found me through being tipped off mainly by the FBI. They are not that psychically trained on how to know where someone is located down to the second. And I have a feeling the CIA needs to know that information.

Good luck trying to accuse me of wrongdoing.

I have never and will never knowingly harm another human being in a physical world.

And you may read out my past life, but that was a century ago or more. I didn't ask you to hold me accountable for a lifetime I couldn't remember as of my birth in 1976. And you, being the FBI, did anyway.

God Bless You!

May many blessings and good things be in your days!!!

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