Saturday, June 16, 2012

I have forgiven the double agents but they are too far gone

They live in another reality. They know no consequences to their actions. They are not morally sound nor are they grounded in reality as in the physical world. I would like to request prayer for the specially trained agents if you pass by my page. They used to be loving, caring genuine human beings. Now they are satanic criminals. Their leader is a mastermind. He needs to be stopped. May you keep the good kids in the FBI in your good thoughts. They at one point in time saved my life. I owe them prayer forever. And I am grateful for their families who will be notified about the situation never. This is a classified case. Obviously none of my family or friends experience what I do. So life goes on with no one hurting badly but me. With love and gratitude to those who read my blog and do the right thing. Stephanie

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