Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gordon, the billionaire, just bought Whole Foods in San Ramon

He is living large and in charge and had the fucking nerve to have a Whole Foodie worker walk by me with a plate of garlic and brie on fine china to be served to himself in front of me.

You can imagine I am fucking pissed.

Not only did the FBI get clearance to kill me today but they also are bowing down to the billionaire and his fucking money like he is GOD.

I hope to God that someone sees that JUSTICE has not yet been served and it needs to be big time.

And while the FBI is enjoying all of the nice things life has to offer, they have continued to chemically code my car and are energizing me to get more "bipolar" as we know and I am really upset.

Not only is my family losing but so is the FBI's at this point in time.

They are going to criminally prosecute the 150 double agents lightly in a killed off energy way.

Tonight the good kids will eat chemically coded food and will be passing over to the other side in a sleepy way.

And most of the Satanic Cult will likely do the same.

The FBI just assumes that I deserve to die.

And I hopefully have made my point to my friends and family that I want nothing more than to live.

Good luck you scumtastic creepy shitbags known as the San Francisco FBI........

And eat out more if  you can afford it in thirty years.

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