Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The FBI broke into my home again today and tampered with my mom's food

One of the agents admitted to dropping at least ten ativan or more into all of my mom's condiments. I am angry and scared.

I cannot protect my home.

I cannot protect the food in my home.

I cannot protect my home because the San Francisco FBI has the know how of how to break into any home regardless of what type of lock is on the door and they also stole my spare garage door opener.

And no one does anything about it.

I am tired less during the day than at night.

But the FBI works around the clock.

And they have special agents who need to be arrested and they simply have not arrested them.

And they broke into my home again.

And I am tired of worrying about whether it will be safe for my parents to eat food in their home.

And I am worried about my poor little dog who is at home all day by himself when these creeps break in.

And it is not inevitable that the FBI needs an overhaul on how they make criminals out of their specially trained agents.

I am trying to be nice.

I am.

But it's not their home being broken into.

It's not their life being threatened EVERY SINGLE DAY.

These people are not sane.

And they need to be put away.

Please take action sooner rather than later.

And I am referring to the CIA and the Navy Seals.

They are not Americans although they live in  America.

They do not value the things that America values.

Which is being safe in our home.

Which is being protected from hate crimes by the FBI.

Which is not being karmically paid back time and time again because they will have consequences to their actions.

And they have hired another voodoo artist.

And I am the victim.

And not a single FBI has to go through VOODOO like I do.

But if they think FBI is intelligent, they are wrong.

These are trained criminals.

And I want peace in my home and on earth.

Not more karmic debt to pay back because they wronged me.

God Bless You.

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