Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The men in the FBI are too good for the American public

They are stuck up. Less equality and more good looking people is all they care about. Most of America is fat and under educated. But the FBI would put any one of them on their death pool if they have an education and maintain thinness like me. So I guess America needs to take a poll of what is important. Do they want satanic FBI running their lives as Big Brother? Or do they want a leader who is for the people standing up for them? Because we need a God like leader. Not a bunch of over privileged good looking people getting all of the blessings that life has to offer. Especially satanic criminal overprivleged people prospering while America suffers. And most people need to learn how to save their money. And most people need to learn how to eat nutritious foods. And most people don't know these fundamental basics quite yet. I do a little more than necessary to help out those in need. I donate to various causes at least three to four times a month. I also try to save my money but the FBI makes it really difficult when they break into my home or place of work and damage my personal belongings and ruin my food. They expect me to eat out at every single meal because they are not willing to stop breaking into my parents home and poisoning their food. And then they have the balls to question why they will not be getting a better life ahead. As for the restaurants that they know I will not be eating in because the billionaire is tipped off and steps up with money to pay the waitstaff to put spit or visible in my food, I guess they just assume they are above the consequences for their actions. Eventually it catches up and then the FBI is having a blame game back to me when they start suffering for the pain they inflicted on me. To that: WHATEVER!!!!! I didn't make those choices. I still have to fight tooth and nail to survive every day. Made my point to people little not. But you get the point. God Bless You.

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