Monday, June 18, 2012

The FBI is working on killing me in a hard core way

Today the FBI and CIA agreed to give way to my guides never and have insisted that I need to die in a light way called ACID in all of my stuff.

I am feeling side effects from the ADDITIVE.....cloroform in most of my belongings on my desk.

I feel lightheaded mainly but the FBI is actively insisting that because I know too much and because they victimized me so greatly that I need to be expelled of as quickly as possible.

To protect my family from grief, they will insist that I die lightly in a hard way.

And I will continue to get cloroform in most of my belongings regardless of how often I blog or who I tell.

I want my family to get some benefit from this situation and I want my best friend to make the money off of any story that is printed about my life.

I will continue to write all major news networks and newspapers and movie studios. I will continue to write in my blog and send it out on Facebook as soon as I can.

This is NOT OKAY to murder me with cloroform.

I will not be happy with your life lines intertwining with Robert S Muellers supposed gift to my family of my death by cloroform.

And if Ali Bitch has a clue, she will be lawfully in prison in two years or less never.

And I can use any name I want to clue in the media.

God Bless You!

If you are reading my blog for the first time, please read it from the very beginning.

Thank you and I love you to all of my friends and family.

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