Monday, June 25, 2012

The FBI is at it again with Ali and Dan trying to kill me

They don't want to save Ali or Dan. They would just rather that I die from them breaking into my home and pilfering off of me and they want Ali and Dan to be suicidal rather than healing in six months.

With an everyone loses mentality, I may win.

I have a new set of goals to take of myself.

I will be waking up at 6 am in the morning to work out on my new treadmill everyday.

The reason I don't wake up that early now, is because the FBI threatens to break into my home while my parents are asleep.

If I leave my room, they threaten to inject me with something lethal.

So I sit in my bedroom until almost 8 oclock in the morning for the past month and I've been late to work every day because of it.

I can choose my hours at work luckily for me.

But if I don't leave work right when the FBI tells me to, they threaten to snatch me from my car or bomb my car or of course, put more chemicals in my car.

And they do this knowing that I have very life affirming values.

So today is the last day that I am sleeping in.

Everyone on FACEBOOK knows to not write about me on my facebook page but people are definitely reading my blog and know what kind of scum the majority of the FBI is at this point in time.

If I have to post every single day on FACEBOOK, then I will.

You are not getting away with murdering me, however funny or lame you think this is.

It is not a joke to me to be homocidally threatened EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And the universe is going to show how tired it'll be for those of you threatening me.

Look out for blessing always would be my advice to you.

And look out for the smallest and most dependent of blessings.

Say thank you for your food.

Say thank you for your protection.

And say thank you to Uncle Sam and the American taxpayers for footing the bill to your lavish lifestyles.

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