Friday, June 15, 2012

The FBI never gives up on a death pool

They really never do. It's a huge game to them. They put a bunch of names on a list that they think will die within a year and then they all place bets on it. They also do this nationwide. It is sick and disgusting because my name is topping the list in New York, Washington and of course, San Francisco. So obviously, you can see they will stop at nothing to make it happen.

I am in excellent health. I practice yoga and meditation and I've also learned Reiki. And if you think this gives you permission to kill me, you are WRONG!!!!

I also eat fruits and vegetables quite a bit at Whole Foods. Of course, I would eat them at home but the FBI has threatened to ruin all of my mom's food supply. And my mom, bless her heart, is 65 years old and determined to never retire. Mainly because she likes working and mainly because they do not have enough money in retirement savings. So to tamper with her food, which she works over forty hours a week to buy this special food, well, you can see how wrong it is.

And if you're questioning just how they will ruin her food....simple.....they know how to unlock any lock and break in at any given time.

No, they do not have a search warrant. Yes, they have gone through all of my personal belongings. And they have found absolutely nothing of criminalism in my home. Of course, if you knew me and my family, you would never accuse us of wrongdoing to begin with.

We all work full-time and we pay our bills on time and we are responsible, accountable human beings. This does not apply to anyone working in the San Francisco FBI.

There are over 150 double agents in the San Francisco FBI at this time. Meaning, not only are they taking money from Uncle Sam but they are being paid, under the table by the billionaire that I have mentioned in previous posts.

They are living in the lap of luxury in places like Ruby Hills and buying expensive cars like custom Jaguars and Mercedes.

And they all say they won the money in Vegas.

So if VEGAS has a clue, they are cheating!!!!!!

They are cheating the American Public out of our tax money and they are cheating to win in VEGAS.

And that type of cheat totally deserves prison time.

And more to the point, my dad has never cheated in his whole life and he would like to retire soon. And I want to make a certain amount of money, where I can comfortably move out into my own house with lots of friends to live with.

But you can see, this is my dream. The FBI will stop at nothing to make sure it does not happen.

And if Washington DC has a clue, my blog will get bigger and bigger just by FBI reading it alone.

And to my friends and family, please keep me in prayers every time you log in to check this out. I love you all dearly but the FBI is a scummy operation that needs to be brought to the public eye.

May you have many blessings in your day....and lots of love and laughter.

God Bless You.

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