Friday, June 15, 2012

Does anyone want a lighter message?

Here is a joke:

How many LA's are there in the FBI?

One too many......


If you want to know the truth, some of the FBI are fabulous, wonderful, amazing and genuine. And they want me to reiterate that although the BAD FBI is usually in my day a lot, the GOOD FBI is also and they are a blessing and a joy to communicate with telepathically.

The thing about LA only is that I cannot tell the readers who he is unless he absolutely insists.....

And he does not.

So the story about LA will be kept a secret.

And the story about LA's life in San Francisco is a tale he is blogging about on his own.

Not only will you be curious about LA but everyone should know that LA is a person.

And he is wonderful and unique and absolutley fantastic!

And he is the reason I sometimes pray for the FBI secretly (never by the way LA)

And he is so cute that if anything happened to him, I would be sad......

Which is why he is leaving the next plot by the FBI alone.

Many thanks to LA and his lovely friends.

Many thanks to my other good kids in the FBI.

Many thanks to my knowledge of one or two superiors that usually get me a break from the EVIL FBI.

And many thanks to the cuties in the FBI always.

They save my life daily and they are heroes to me.

And they will probably never admit it to themselves but they know they are going to have a great time on their vacation next week.

And I will be left with more stories about the EVIL FBI.

So I'll keep you all posted!!!!!

Thanks so much for reading!!!!!

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