Thursday, June 21, 2012

A little more about Ali and Dan

They own a home in Ruby Hills, paid for the billionaire. And they systemically fucked with my energy field every single day that they possibly could. They broke into my home and stole my bucket list and they are now living all of my dreams. They did this to get me to commit suicide. They are sick individuals.

They always want back what they stole from me. And I will never be getting my dreams back thanks to Ali Taggy and her fucked up coding in the FBI today.

God sees that I cannot protect my home from the Hells Angels.

And God sees that the billionaire has all the fucking money in the world to pay people to do his dirty work.

But most of all, Ali Bitch has always coded to murder me in any way she could possibly fathom. And she chose to fuck me up as she puts it in a hard core way where I felt emotionally victimized by her for over two years. And she sits there after she fucks with me and laughs. And she calls herself a winner.

God Bless Your Families and may they be in prayer for you always.


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