Thursday, June 14, 2012

If the story is confusing, it's because I am not making sense

So here is the latest from the FBI.

Be generic with how I tell my story.

Which means I cannot use names of the special agents who psychically communicate with me.

By psychically communicating with me, I mean we have a telepathic connection through their special training.

Basically, they sit in a room together and elevate to an energy field where they can read my thoughts and share their thoughts with mine.

I know this is an undetermined way to get my point across.

I know that I do not want to be killed by the FBI ever.

And today, they broke into my desk again while I was in a meeting for an hour and a half.

I had rigged up my purse by specifically taping up my box of nicotine gum. They ended up undoing the tape in an obvious way and leaving the box open.

And my desk was locked.

So I suffer greatly from the FBI tampering with my things. I have to carry my medication into meetings with me for fear they will get to it.

And they are not letting up with their murder threats towards me.

And I have written the Danville Police Department today to warn them that the FBI may be pulling some funny business in my home soon.

It is not only me that the FBI has victimized. Three of my really good friends are targets of theirs as well. One of them has been psychically tapped into to "hear" the thoughts and energy of the satanic FBI and one has all sorts of ideas about intelligence that she should not have and one, I'm not sure her experiences, but I know that she is read out every few days by the specially trained agents and her future does not feel safe to her.

Basically, today's latest post is a request for prayers around me and my family and my beautiful friends. Please pray for us to be protected and surrounded with God's love. It is tough enough going through the challenges that we all go through on a daily basis and then to have the FBI victimize us in a way that is very harmful to many just because they have the power to do so, well, it's sad.

Thank you for reading the latest post.

God be with you always.


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