Sunday, June 17, 2012

My blog may be lame but so is the FBI

To those that think I am full of shit, please read the entire blog from start to finish. And to those that break into my home every single day to see what kind of things you can destroy me are being photographed and breaking into my home is the least of your worries.

And if you think breaking into my home and going through my things is the answer to your prayers......think again.

I am American.

I have American values.

I believe in integrity, honor, truth, honesty, and abiding by the laws set forth by our Congress and the founding fathers of our country.

If I break a law, then I pay the consequences.

To date, I have never done anything that warrants the FBI profiling me, breaking into my home or any of the other bullshit you have put me through.



The CIA is poisoning you all never and you ought to be thankful I have VALUES!!!!

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