Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The FBI got into my desk while I was in a meeting

I locked my desk and when I got out of my meeting, it was unlocked and obviously my purse had been tampered with.

They use intelligence and their know how to know the exact timing of when I will be in a meeting, when my office is free and clear of people walking by my desk and they get in.

I had to replace all of my make up and toiletries, probably over $150 worth of stuff went in the trash. And they seem to think they can wipe out my bank account in the process of damaging all of my stuff.

Thank god, the akashic records at least notes this wrongdoing.

And thank god, the satanic cult is not expensive to heal.

And thank god, my dad is going to be fine in life without the FBI tasering him like a fat boy on a diet.

So, I'm trying my hardest to not be pissed off today.

I'm really relying on God to get me through this.

And Justice will play out when I start sending my blog to the Supreme Court and other government agencies.

And eventually, when the American public catches wind of this blog, people are going to be pissed off for me.

And basically, I may be a bitch to some of the creeps I deal with, but there is no reason they should know how to tap into my energy field.

And seven years ago, the karmic debt thinking was out of control as it was.

And then ten years ago, the FBI should have realized that starting an EPIC hate crime against me was NOT A GOOD IDEA.

But we have some pretty stupid people running the FBI at this point in time.

They have little knowledge of how a karmic universe works.

No, they have zero knowledge of a KARMIC universe according to their guides.

They seem to think they can dish out pain and hardship to me all they want and not have a single consequence.

It just goes to show how moronic they are.

God Bless You.


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