Thursday, June 21, 2012

More about the agent scumbag Frank

He is from Los Gatos. He stalked me around Los Gatos because he was psycho like with a crush on me. I have had two conversations with him in my life because I was a waitress forced to serve him at CB Hannegan's. When he started reading out my thoughts about why I wouldn't date him, mainly because I thought he was a stalker, he began spreading rumors about me. And the billionaire ate up his lies. He has been in my home and through all of my personal belongings. He has tried paying off old friends of mine to say we secretly dated. I would never date him. To this date, two of my old friends have taken money to go along with his story. Melissa being one and Kelly being the other. I will never respect him or those girls again. God Bless You all who read my blog.

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