Saturday, June 30, 2012

I cannot protect my home.

The FBI is in my house daily. They damage mainly my personal belongings and have stolen some of my mom's cookbooks. My parents refuse to believe that our home is broken into. I have reported to Washongton DC FBI and of course the San Francisco FBI as well as the Danville and San Ramon police departments and no one is taking any action whatsoever to protect my home, my car or my office from being broken into by the FBI. I feel helpless at times but having some of my family and friends reach out to me on Facebook has really helped. If I don't see less crime in my home, the FBI is going to have a very sorry way of making it right. They have now threatened my parents on a huge level. My parents are in EXCELLENT health and should not be developing any rare side effects from the emissions in their home or their cars. Today, the FBI tampered with the air conditioner in our home to see how much radon they can put in it. Please pray for me and my family as their death plots on us are becoming worse and no one in the legal system will take any action.

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