Sunday, November 8, 2015

My life was almost ended today again for the seemingly millionth time

Not only does military spend at least five hours a day miming me, which is a classified energy weapon designed to murder people with magnetic fields being shot at but the FBI sent in two homicidal agents into the movie theater to sit directly behind me to murder me tonight. My angel warned me that they had a syringe so I sat forward hunched over for the remainder of the movie as to not disturb my company instead of leaving the theater.

The FBI is a sick, sick operation. They have spent 1 trillion dollars of government bond money designing murder plots to me. And all they want is to win a measly fifty million dollar bet.

These men in charge ARE PSYCHOPATHS. They know how to be hip and cool and use humor and manipulate people in a heartbeat. They are EXPERT masterminds.

I spend most of my days calling Jesus and angels to help me. I am strong in my faith most of the time, besides the times their satanic agents threaten me too big. And Jesus responds to me by protecting me with his angels. For his angels will guard me in all my way. Psalm 91

God Bless You!

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