Thursday, December 17, 2015

The FBI is causing less schizophrenia less

The FBI has turned my whole family against me to conspiracy against me. And they plan on training kids as agents today too.

Sadly the universe is getting done with SATANIC FBI homicidally threatening me all day every day.

My grandparents on the other side have told me if they attempt murder codes on my life for too much longer, we can expect huge bombings in the United States as karmic payback.

It is NOT OKAY what they are doing to me. The FBI is a sick, sick operation plotting murder on my life all day everyday with voodoo, homicidal break-ins to my house, psychic rape, military mimes(which are electromagnetic energy bombs), witchcraft with hexes and curses and conspiracy by every single friend I've ever had and my entire family minus my parents. It is not ok.

Please pray for our excellent FBI to make the right choices for our country today if you read this.

God Bless You.

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