Friday, February 1, 2013

The FBI just welcomes themselves in my home whenever they damn well please

I am missing some clothes. And the FBI stole them.

I am tired of posting their harmful activities but the FEDS in Washington DC take no action whatsoever to protect my home from the SATANIC CULT in the San Francisco FBI.

To date, the FBI has put Nair in my shampoo if I leave it out, hence to all of you wondering why I carry a big purse.

They have put holes in the majority of my clothes, which I pay for all with my own money and have to replace but can no longer afford to. And the holes are always in the same spot on each shirt.

And they steal little things from me. Things I don't know I have.

And they damaged my computer by hacking into it. Now I can no longer access any of my Itunes account as they have deleted the connections.

And they do much more damage according to spirit guides if they are not caught soon. Like harm my dog. And tamper with our food.

These people are evil. They need to be in prison. And because they are paid by the FBI, they act entitled to commit crimes.

I am tired of all the wrong that they have done to me.

I am tired of my life being destroyed by satanic FBI.

I am forgiving by nature but I want them to stop their harmful acts towards me.

God Bless You.

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