Saturday, February 2, 2013

I am sorry the FBI is clearancing you and lying about my life

I am sorry to my friends and family for their lack of ethics. They have not clearanced me and they still plan on killing me.

I am sorry if they lied to you too. I have never harmed anyone and the project on me is classified.

I apologize in advance if you think I am stupidly blogging. The point of my blog is to save me from being murdered by the FBI.

They are still very much satanic and still very much evil with how they try to destroy my life.

Please delete me as your friend if you do not want to know what is going on with me. I completely understand and will value you as my friend or family regardless.

I wish that the FBI would someday show some class and integrity around how I am abused by them. But taking responsibility and accountability is sorely lacking on their part.

Please send the President an email if you are sad about how they clearanced you.

People have rights and yours were violated.

God bless you.

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