Monday, May 5, 2014

By the way, Ali Bitch has stolen a little too much from me

Ali Bitch and her slime bag husband Dan have been in my home again.

And they took a very special ring from my jewelry box that I can never replace.

And they stole a gold chain and cross and replaced it with a cheap version of a gift that was given to me on my baptism day.

And they have also poked more holes into my brand new wardrobe, which I had to replace because of the holes that they poked into all of my old wardrobe.

And did you see the movie The Other Woman?

They are laughing their psychopath asses off because they have already done every harmful thing to me in that movie. Like toothbrush in shit water and nair in shampoo.

I hate them being billionaire bitches, taking money from GORDON and OUR COUNTRY through a grant that was supposed to fund my safety for life and they are now paying off my salon, my car dealership, etc to homicidally threaten me. Oh and they paid off my dog's future groomer, so I ended up having to cut my dog's own hair this weekend.

I want peace in my life. And every time I turn around, Dan and Ali are trying to murder me with their big ideas of salvation will be my gift.

And theirs, too. Because they promised each other to get baptized AFTER THEY MURDER ME.

God Bless You.

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