Thursday, February 19, 2015

the San Francisco FBI wants me dead for a bucket list

So does Dan Ellington of the San Francisco CIA. These men have sent slinkies to my house daily and weekly for years now to attempt to murder me humanely.

I am tired of being a project. I get voodoo'd daily, hexed and cursed daily, homicidally threatened daily and psychically raped daily. I am sad. I have NEVER done anything to harm anyone in my life, my community or my country. FBI Christians who tune to me psychically know that we don't even treat our worst criminals in our country as poorly as I am treated in this project.

As for most of the people I know, they have now joined the conspiracy of the government against me. And of course, because they have security clearances, they will never own this up to me. And they are all evolved psychically.

Please publish my story if anyone in my home is murdered. And if you are Christian, I could use a prayer.

God Bless You.

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