Monday, April 22, 2013

The FBI went way too far today again as usual

Because the FBI has the garage door opener, an FBI agent from the Schizophrenia Team broke into my house today while I stepped out to buy groceries. He was under orders to kill me and my mom and make it look like I did it.

With some fast acting, I started meditating to elevate myself to a state of love while he poked around my family's home in the office.

Yes, I was scared big time.

He is homicidal all the time. And that is every single SATANIC FBI LEADER.

The leaders in the San Francisco FBI have this murder mentality that really needs to stop.

I am frightened for my house all the time. The threats include poisoning our food, putting lethal chemicals into the air and downright killing us with weapons and then leaving a fake suicide note by me to frame me.

The FBI is needing a big time clean up.

They need a team of really ethical people to step up and say this constant treatment of death threats to me is just plain wrong.

And of course, many satanics just want to win their billionaire bitch money from GORDON.

Please, CALIFORNIA LAW ENFORCEMENT, take action against the satanic cult in the San Francisco FBI before threatening my life any further.

God Bless You.

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