Saturday, June 23, 2012

President Obama gave clearance to kill me

I have zero chance of surviving the President's code to defend my family less. My mother is choosing her family with kids to protect and my dad is none the wiser.

I leave you all with a final thought that I am sane, happy and going to live peacefully until they proceed with their next set of codes.

I love my friends and family and leave them with love and honor always.

I am not killing myself over this situation but they have a chemical code to make it look like I died naturally.

And you can all know that my mom is my best friend in a time when I was sad.

And you can less know that she left our home today to pray for our family more with my Auntie Nancy saving her from lovers quarrels forever less.

And my Dad is the one who chose to leave my mom alone today for a reason.

Yet DAD is my saving grace always.

And mom wants her favorite kid to be safe today.

And it's my brother's kid.

And my Dad is painting in the backyard with a chemically coded FBI paint gun.

And my Dad is deathly ill never fast enough for FBI.

And my mom knows she cannot protect me.

And so does my Dad.

And so does my family.

And so do my friends.

With this being my last blog post, I hope that a movie is made out of my story.

I am the victim of the FBI.

I want my life to be safe and sound.

And I want people to know how this organization wronged my entire family.

God Bless You.

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